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Build, launch, and scale proprietary app from 0 to 10K users.

Client Goal:

"Bethany (Founder) brought my internal team several innovative growth hack ideas every week. She then collaborated and worked with the team to roll these out sucessfully month after month. Some were winners, some weren't that's the beauty of growth marketing."

Co-Founder of Jay Shetty Media

$7000 Monthly


Build out an automated email drip funnel with fully written copy and affiliate strategy to monetize following of founders Robert Croak and Austin Hankwitz.

Client Goal:

"Bethany (Founder) was a total pleasure to work with. She's a great communicator, very experienced with complex marketing, and extremely thoughtful. Looking forward to hopefully working with her more in the future!"

- Co-Founder of Witz

$3500 Monthly


Copywriting for this client entailed financial prowess and technical knowledge of investing, credit cards, and the like. Complied with rigorous financial regulations and followed all FTC requirements.

Technical Copywriting

Built out 12 automations in 2 months which led to 60K emails collected and reduced time consumption of trivial tasks by 90%. This strategy allowed the founders to scale their podcast to #1 on Spotify.

Automation Build-Out

Open rates constantly remained phenomenal fluctuating between 60-450% (yes, really!). Smashing all industry standards and allowing for massive clicks through to tailored revenue generating affiliate links.

Email Revenue Strategy

Increase student enrollment​ by increasing total number of qualified applicants.

Client Goal:

"The numbers really speak for themselves. I'm not sure there's much I can say that the proof of a screenshot couldn't. One thing I can say though, these ads didn't just churn out big vanity numbers; they led to a huge jump in applications and enrollment."

- Head of Marketing

$2000 Monthly


Check out the numbers on this screenshot! That was achieved with a $150 targeted boost leveraging our extensive experience. 

Facebook Ads

Our ad achieved a 4.02% CTR slightly above industry average. But the real kicker? 8 of those 10 clicks applied to attend the nursing program.

Google Ads

We leveraged psychological marketing trends to design digital, print, and billboard ads for this client.

Graphic Design

Increase revenue and grow social media presence on multiple platforms.

Client Goal:

"Coffeefueled's combination of innate creativity and high-level business expertise make them an absolute force in the marketing world. I can say without a doubt that their direction and innovation has been the catalyst to actually get my brand and company in front of the right eyes.

- Founder and CEO

$5000 Monthly


The largest growth came in the form of revenue strategy, our team successfully scaled Maren's monthly revenue from $2000 to $500k in 1 quarter by building and maintaining 5 new streams of revenue including a paid subscription community.

Growth Marketing

We established and built automations for an email drip campaign with several lead capture tools. This allowed Maren to scale her email list to 50K double opt-in subscribers with an open rate of 57% on average. 

Email Marketing

Our team was pivotal in the strategy that scaled Maren's brand from 0-100, She now has over 3 million followers collectively.

PR and Social

Generate more leads through the use of paid advertising. 

Client Goal:

"The price and the quality this team delivers are impossible to match. We've received many qualified leads through their work. Until I retire, Bethany has a lifelong customer with us!"

- Franchise Location Owner

$2000 Monthly


Our facebook ad management service included graphic design, sales strategy, promotional placement and a lead capture form. Monthly this campaign led to 1-2 sales on average and cost the client $500.

Facebook Ads

We spent on average $150-$500 per Google Ad. Each ad led to 1-2 new sales. These sales totaled $1k-5k on average. Talk about major ROI! 

Google Ads

We partnered with strategically placed influencers as well as other local businesses to generate brand awareness and trust with this new brand in a short amount of time.

Influencer Campaigns

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We implemented a comprehensive growth marketing strategy that included social media campaigns, email campaigns, and targeted advertising.

Growth Marketing

To accelerate user acquisition, we developed and executed a Viral Loops style referral program, encouraging existing users to refer new ones.

Referral Program

Our team oversaw the client's provided team of developers, offering design guidance and industry expertise to enhance the site flow. Additionally, we implemented cutting-edge lead capture tools and ideas.

Web and App Dev

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