Port Orange Tattoo and Art Parlor

Background: Port Orange Tattoo was a brand new tattoo shop. They reached out to me when they were still painting the building and installing flooring. They approached me with the challenge of creating a high looking site with great SEO, establishing and optimizing social media, and producing high quality photos and edits for all materials.

Task: Create a website with an appealing CTA to promote bookings.

Create Social Media Pages with common branding and images.

View the finished product here!

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Background: HER Social App is a platform that connects LGBTQ+ Womxn. When HER came to me they were looking for some help with organic social media growth and content generation.

Task: Create, compile, and generate content on an ongoing basis. Test and document organic growth techniques to determine which work best. Keep track of analytics and growth rates weekly.

The HER Social Pages have seen exponential growth since I began working on them.

(Click on the names to see the growth numbers for the past year).

The Facebook page grows 300 people organically on average weekly. The Twitter page grows 120 people organically on average weekly.

The Instagram page grows 150 people organically on average weekly.

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The Little Mag

Background: The Little Mag is a children's fashion magazine based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Task: Build and grow a successful instagram page, keep content in the brands family friendly, high end fashion focused tone of voice.

Goal: Target businesses, models, and designers to entice them to purchase spreads in the magazine.

Our team has been working with The Little Mag for three months, their page has grown from 0 to just over 1200 in this time frame using strictly organic methods.

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Lauralite Music

Background: Lauralite is an Orlando based musician and public speaker. She came to us when she was releasing her newest music video "Coffee" an LGBTQ love story. 

Task: Promote "Coffee" on Facebook using paid advertising and organic marketing techniques. 

Maintain Instagram page with engaged follower growth in mind.

View the ad insights here!

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