• Bethany Williams

Present Isn't Enough In Digital Marketing

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

I'm going to share with you my number one tip for small and medium size business owners who say they want to make money and gain customers by utilizing digital marketing.

Don't just be present.

While I will say being present is better than being non-existent it definitely should not be the end goal. If a customer is serious about acquiring or retaining customers via digital marketing you need to dominate your competition. 

3 ways to dominate your competition:

1. Don't forget good things take time.

 While I'm sure we would all love to place one ad on google or Facebook and have a 300% return that's just unrealistic. It's it very important to go into digital with realistic expectations, you must understand that your digital marketing expert is going to do everything possible to make your business successful online but it will definitely take time. Digital is a long game, if you want to see the big ROI you're dreaming about be prepared to ride out the waves. Think of it like surfing, you have to pass a few small waves to get that true prize, and once you get it you're more willing to paddle out a little further next time to catch an even bigger wave.

2. Be prepared to advertise in multiple outlets.

Yes I am telling you to advertise with other people! Is that shocking? To some it may be, but honestly if you get a good marketing expert on your side they will truly want to see your business succeed. They will want to hear about the new influx of customers and read your great reviews on Facebook. Seeing you succeed means they're succeeding. My recommendation, depending on your business size, definitely do some sort of print media, newspaper, magazine, tabs, it all comes down to your specific city really. Beyond print and digital, consider some direct mail (and direct email), get some air time on the local radio station, and if you’re a larger business with a higher ROI on each sell consider video production. This can be TV time but doesn't have to necessarily just be TV, this can be an ad on YouTube, or even Facebook.

3. Have a complete and constant presence.

I cannot stress this enough, it is imperative to be consistent with your marketing. Not only does brand repetition ingrain your business name into people's minds but it keeps them coming back for more. But remember, the goal in consistency isn’t just to be present, you need to be relevant. If you post on Facebook everyday but you don't truly understand your demographics needs and wants you’re just wasting your time. Yes you're present but you're not dominating your competition. To truly dominate your competition I suggest actively communicating with your followers, create a group for them to join and chat, respond to all reviews good and bad, just remember it is called social media and if you get personal with you're clients they'll love it.

So all in all my biggest tip for all business owners out there, don't just strive to be present in the digital sphere, plan to be the best and be ready for the time and effort it takes to get their. That's how you'll see ROI with your digital marketing!