• Bethany Williams

Becoming A Billboard For Your Brand

Whether you have a blog, a small business, or even a band becoming a billboard for your business is a really smart things to do. You don’t have to literally become a billboard… but something pretty close will suffice. There a four great ways to accomplish this and to be honest, none of them are that hard to implement. 


This is the pretty close to being a billboard line but not quite hitting the mark of literally becoming a billboard. In my opinion however a shirt is a lot more beneficial then a road side billboard for a lot of local businesses. If you have on an interesting shirt plenty of people will read it and check out your website based on it. It’s such a simple technique, but you still need to be careful with your design. A good image will attract customers, a bad image will drive them away. Also you really need to watch your behavior if you are branding through your apparel, people relate you to your business.

Business Cards:

Another great way to become a billboard for your business, it’s a strategy that’s been around awhile but it definitely still works. If you have business cards with you at ALL times and give them to every single person you meet your business will grow. They’re pretty much little handheld billboards, keep what’s important in them and let your website do the rest. Like earlier stated, you need to make sure the design is executed properly. You need to keep your consumer behavior in mind and you need to keep your branding consistent between any methods you are using.

Bumper Stickers:

My first car had an excessive amount of bumper stickers on it, and any one who’s ever seen it will attest to that. I loved every single one of them though, they stood for the things I stood for, they told people who I was and what I believed in without them even meeting me. For that reason they are spectacular for your business and your image. They are also great because people are constantly exposed to the brand, whether you’re there or not. If your car is parked in a parking lot, or your driving your kids to school, or your even going on a road trip; it’s all constant exposure. Sounds like a pretty great billboard to me! Just don’t forget image, design, and behavior; if any of your steps aren’t consistent it will just mess up the good flow you have going.

Promotional Materials:

Last but not least as they always say, literally promoting your business through everyday materials. Pens, pencils, notepads, hand sanitizer bottles, Chapstick, literally anything you use on a daily basis can be converted into a billboard. The best strategy to use here is to leave your materials placed, pen cups at other businesses, with clients, the library, etc. You could even send some to all of your friends and family and multiply the effect of the materials. Not to be repetitive or anything but again image, design, behavior, and consistency! It’s not possible to stress the importance of those without repeating it 4 times.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps successfully and have thoroughly initiated them properly you will see a definite growth in your consumer/fan base. Keep in mind branding is not always easy, plenty of businesses do it wrong. So before starting any of these projects talk to your marketing pro, they will create a fresh look for all materials, keep everything consistent and save you a lot of money.