• Bethany Williams

Why Visuals are Vital to Your Business

Pictures, Videos, Infographics, people like visuals. Take newspapers for example when you buy an ad you don’t fill it with a bunch of text (or at least you shouldn’t.) Newspapers have a team in place to design an ad for you that will catch the reader’s attention and these ads are almost always pictures. The internet has evolved the same way; no longer can you post a wordy status on your businesses Facebook page and expect people to read the whole thing. When you break down Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram you see the same pattern across the board.

Let’s start with Facebook. When you log on to Facebook or open the app on your phone you see one of two things immediately, a picture or a video. When I open my Facebook app the first thing I see… a video of Beyoncé and below that a picture of food. Because of peoples need to see things rather than read about them, pages like Buzzfeed have become more popular than ever imagined.

Twitter is exactly the same way, pictures, videos, and short text updates. I personally use my twitter to share relevant content in my industry with my followers, but I throw in an occasional quote or update as well. Main thing to realize with Twitter is you have a short span of time to attract your viewer to follow, retweet, or favorite you. With a page full of posts images and videos are the best way to draw in new customers, followers, and business partners.

Pinterest in the Leader of Visual, It is literally one website full of visuals. Want an infographic on advertising? Check Pinterest. Want to bake some cookies? Check Pinterest. Need help deciding what to wear to an interview? Check Pinterest. Every single thing you could need will bring up a ton of links with visually appealing images attached. The images not only draw in customers but get you repined to a board for someone followers to see. This is an ideal situation for most businesses, restaurants, wedding planners, clothing retailers, photographers, bloggers, etc. If you understand how, you can really use Pinterest to help your business grow.

LinkedIn is mainly a business growing platform, you can connect with people in your industry, find jobs, post jobs, share your resume, and my favorite… publish articles like this. Visuals aren’t nearly as important on LinkedIn as they are on Facebook, Twitter, and many other outlets, but they are still important. The main place visuals are important on the website are on published articles; things such as cover photos and profile pictures are also important, but not in the same way. When choosing a photo for your article it has to stand out while representing the article properly. You have to choose something that will entice the viewer to want to read your article.

Instagram, an app dedicated solely to pictures and videos. The interesting thing about Instagram is you can have thousands of followers and still manage to not get many likes on a photo. This is because with Instagram you have a very unique base of viewers, in order to get a like you must meet three criteria. Have an image that makes the viewer stop scrolling to look at yours, be better than the post above and below you, and have relatable content. With so many pictures and videos on this app it is a little harder to stand out but with the right technique your business can get thousands of likes and in turn sales.

With the same pattern showing its self across all realms of social media it is apparent that you have to be not only good with visuals but better than everyone else to succeed in today’s market. This is a very tricky thing to maneuver and with every outlet requiring a different type of visual to get the right return it can be difficult at times.