• Bethany Williams

The Social Media Marketing Strategy You Need To Adopt Now

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The Social Media Marketing Strategy You Need To Adopt Now

Everyone has their own Social Media Marketing Strategies. Many are either trying to grow social media but failing or growing their social media at a very slow pace. The search for a dependable strategy is over because I have broken down the most successful strategy out their into 12 steps.

Follow People In Your Industry – The best way to gain followers is to follow people that you relate to and vise versa relate to you. If you own a recruiting business you should follow a lot of recruiting blogs, businesses, and professionals. People in your industry will always follow back because the content you post is relevant, relatable, and usable for them.

Post Relevant Content – Like I previously states people in your industry follow you back because you post relevant content. Being relevant is a key component of this social media strategy, if you post content that is off the wall and doesn’t fit your industry you wont gain followers.  The main reason you follow someone is because you like what they post, that’s the main reason someone will follow you.

Conversations Count – Making people feel important has always been a top selling technique. My secret is that they are actually important to me. It’s needs to be more than a sales pitch, it needs to be real. If someone posts something that invokes any kind of response, post it! When you get into conversations with people it shows not only that you are serious about building relationships but that you aren’t a ghost on social media. You never know where your business will come from.

Sincerely Engage – I couldn’t tell you how many automated messages I get on a daily basis from my followers and those I’m following. I try to respond to every message I receive and sometimes the conversation continues shortly beyond that point. Most of the time however the original sender doesn’t respond and you can see how insincere the original engagement was. I make it a point to hand type any original engagement to my new followers, and I always respond to anything they send back my way. This makes people feel good, to see that you actually appreciate their follow.

Highlight Your Expertise – This one is pretty simple, post your achievements, share your blog posts, and link to any professional networks you are involved in. If you have built real relationships and engaged sincerely your followers will love to read about your achievements.

There Are No Shortcuts – To do anything right you have to take time, be dedicated, and you can not rush. A lot of people think buying followers is the right route to take, but this is a bad decision too often made. If you buy your followers you won’t have real engagement, likes, retweets, or conversations. When you post the right content, that is relevant, sincere, and relatable people will naturally follow you. So save yourself the hassle and do not take shortcuts.

Be Productive – Keep in mind just because you keep busy doesn’t mean you are productive. In order to be productive you have to achieve a successful outcome. The best way to be successful and my sure-fire technique is goal setting. By setting goals you can realistically measure how productive you are in your social media marketing.

Follow Through – When you say you will do something and actually do it, it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. If someone asks you to check out their blog and you say you will… do it! And to add an extra bit of personal touch and engagement personally message them and let them know what you thought about it.

Quality – Post quality content over quantity. Its better to post two great blogs a week than 7 not so good ones. A good way to fill in the gaps of time when you aren’t sharing your own blogs in to share someone else’s. On Twitter for example it is crucial to post several times a day and you can only post your own content so much.

The next few are short and straight forward but still equally as important.

Don’t Spam – Don’t post content in a spam style. If you write a new blog post its okay to share it once but to post the same tweet or update 10 times, you will lose followers and readers. Just don’t spam.

Trend Watching – Keep up with the trends, you don’t want to fall behind in social media.

Blog – If you don’t have a blog… you need a blog. Whether you are a business professional or small business, blogs grow social media exponentially.

If you need help with any of the above topics, social media management, or even content creation if you want to start a blog contact me!