• Bethany Williams

3 Services That Save You Time

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

In our personal and work lives there are many places we wish we had more time. Time is unlimited but somehow we never seem to have enough of it. We want more time to accomplish a task with a fast approaching deadline, more time to study new business strategies, more time to prepare for a board meeting or presentation. We desperately need more time as the world around us becomes more fast paced.

In an effort to save you time I will keep this short, so allow me to illustrate the three best ways you can buy a little more time for yourself.

1. Social Media Management

First think about the way you currently run your social media.

If you are doing a great job you are probably spending a lot of time tweeting, posting on Facebook, and taking pictures for Instagram. Or you are spending a lot of money to employ a special social media manager to do this for.

If you aren't doing so great on social media you probably don't spend enough time on it doing the things you should be to attract customers and money. Which is completely understandable, not many people have time to post on Facebook when they're dealing with a lot of other things during the day.

What Exactly Is Social Media Management?

The optimization of your social media pages.Creating a consistent cohesive look.Daily posts on various social media outlets.And so much more.

So the best thing to do is to let a company that is well versed in social media handle all of this for you. Just sit back relax, and maybe use the time you're saving to get another cup of coffee before you start that conference call.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the second biggest digital component that takes up a lot of time. This may not be something you have to update daily but it is something that must be updated often. The real time spent on this process is in the beginning when you initially start optimizing your website, blog, etc. This process includes a lot of research, which ranges from key word research to competition research; and everything in between. Once you've done all your research there are heaps of pages and processes to go through with every individual search engine you want to appear on. Thats only a fraction of the process but the point is overall no business owner or marketing manager wants to go through this long process.

So whats the best thing you can do when it comes to SEO? Hire someone to do it for you. Someone who knows all there is to know about keywords, targeting, demographics, drawing in customers, etc. Someone who can provide you a dashboard with information on how your campaign is doing every month; and exactly how your dollars are affecting the number of customers coming in your door to spend money. Talk about ROI! The time you will save and the money you will make by allowing someone else to do this for you is unparalleled.

3. Reputation Management

Your online reputation says a lot about you in todays digital age. Over 90% of consumers make a decision on whether or not to go somewhere based on online reviews and rankings. These reviews range from Facebook to Yelp and everything in between. It can be almost impossible to go through and respond to / check every review you receive on a daily basis when you don't have the time.

Reputation Management services are so great because this takes a little bit off your plate every day. Not only do we go through and thank customers for there great reviews, but we also go through and do a little damage repair if you receive a review thats not so good. We speak to the customer on your behalf and do some crisis resolution for you. Then once all is said and done you will receive a report detailing all interactions we have made on your behalf.

This is also a great option if you don't receive any reviews or very few. Because if you don't have time to respond to reviews you definitely don't have time to ask people for them. We have actually developed many programs that can be used to encourage reviews and ratings.

In Conclusion

We all want more time in the day and this is just a small list of the things you can implement in your business to save time and make money. If you have any questions about these services or any other Digital Marketing services we offer send me a message on LinkedIn or give me a call! We are currently working with both small businesses and large multinational corporations, our clients are never let down in our work and we would be more than happy to discuss our competitively priced services with you.