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This Harley-Davidson ad campaign was designed to reach new customers through print advertising and owned media. The ads below ran in several national magazines.



This Harley-Davidson campaign included search marketing through Google Adwords, revamping several dealership websites, implementing a landing page for lead capture, and making changes to the in-app experience.

By implementing this campaign across multiple countries and through national ad outlets in the US and Australia Harley-Davidson successfully created a rejuvenated interested from a new millennial clientele.

Leads Captured: 356,773

YTD Sells Increase: 14%

Site Traffic Increase: 32%

SIGn for permit.png

Grand Opening

Port Orange Tattoo came to us months before they were ready to open their doors. They asked for an all encompassing marketing plan to launch their business smoothly and successfully.

We held several business and marketing consultation meetings to prepare them for a great grand opening. The services we provided Port Orange Tattoo included Web Design, SEO, Domain Strategy, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Strategy, Logo Creation, and ongoing Graphic  

Port Orange

In The First 3 Months:

Port Orange Tattoo has seen great success from implementing our proposed business and marketing plan. They are currently fully booked months in advance and continue to generate new leads with our efforts. The shop has a projected 50% growth within the next 365 days.

Website Leads Captured: 567

Instagram Followers: 1108

Facebook Followers: 813


HER Social App came to us with the goal of social media growth. When we began working with them they didn't have a social media strategy or content calendar plan.

We began our work with an overhaul of their social media content and corporate keywords. We strategically designed their profiles and optimized their pages to rank in search engines. We established a content data base specific to the HER pages and began developing a brand voice.


One of the tactics used to grow the HER Facebook page, promote engagement, and increase app downloads was the hyper local tactic of event marketing. As a global company it can be hard to connect with people on a granular level and relate to your customers in every market. Event marketing allowed HER to slightly alter their tone of voice to fit different big cities while staying on brand.


Another hyper local marketing technique we implemented was creating several groups within the HER Facebook page to allow people from around the world to engage with each other on the HER FB page. The goal of HER is to bring LGBTQ+ Womxn from around the world together in one welcoming community. These groups allowed us to grow their reach, increase app downloads, and maintain the connection between the brand and their fans.

HER Social
Verizon Ad Campaign 2.jpg


These Verizon Lead Capture campaigns focused on converting cell phone users from competitor brands and TV/WIFI providers.

Leads Captured: 36,549

2011 YTD Sells Increase: 13%

Site Traffic Increase: 17%

AT&T Conversions: 7%


Google Responsive Ads

This LG Campaign was designed to run in popular websites with tech affluent crowds to promote sells of the LG XBOOM Speaker.

This responsive ad campaign ran on 

Techcrunch, Bestbuy, Verizon, and Forbes.

Average CTR: 5.3%

Site Traffic Increase: 8%

Conversion Rate: 3.6%


Magazine Launch

The Little Mag is a children's modeling and fashion magazine and blog aiming to bring more attention to the fashion industry in Australia.

The company approached us for social media help and wanted to use Instagram to build hype for their magazine before they officially sent it out for distribution.

We created a strategic weekly posting schedule to highlight models, photographers, locations, and brands featured in the publication. We used a tactic that would allow us plenty of organic growth through earned content marketing.

In addition to social media strategy we wrote a blog that initiated lead captures to increase subscription rates.

Website Leads Captured: 478

Subscription Rate: 1.5% Daily Increase

Instagram Followers: 1242

The Little Mag


This campaign included building graphics and promoting a 10K sponsored by Adidas. The goal of the campaign was to promote advance ticket sales.

Leads Captured: 13,456

Attendance: 34,332



Alp Coffee Co. came to our team as Georges Coffee, for package design and rebranding. This coffee shop is based in a ski lodge and wanted their bags and brand to speak to that feature.


Lauralite Music


Our work for Lauralite Music started as a simple social media branding and tone of voice campaign. It evolved into a full fledged project that included web design, photography, creating a line of merchandise, managing bookings, creating a  Lauralite Tour and designing promotional materials.

IG: 150% Growth YTD

FB: 75% Growth YTD

Music Video

In our time working with Lauralite we have strategically planned several launches. A key launch in the Lauralite journey was for her hit music video "Coffee". We used a combination of Instagram, Facebook, and Paid Social Ads to launch this video.




This 7/11 Australia concept design was proposed to modernize the brand without changing their tone of voice. 

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